Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And, we're off!

So, the test post worked out, as far as I can tell. This blogging stuff isn't so hard. Now, what to write about.....

I'm going to mainly focus my blogs on our family events and adventures. It's my hope that this blog will help our extended family and friends feel more connected to us, even though some live far away.

I've had some fun with the little sidebar options you see to the right. I've included a kid quote feature because my kids are always saying hilarious things that need to be recorded. To keep with blogging tradition, I've provided links to some of the blogs I read. I've had so much fun reading them, in fact, I had to start my own. A sampling of our favorite websites is also featured, for your browsing enjoyment. Pandora is our newest favorite website and I've attached not only a link to it, but also some of the artists for which I've created Pandora stations. And finally: what we're reading. I LOVE to read and Hannah, who has always loved books, is learning to read. So I'll keep a current list of what I'm reading (this won't change too often, it takes me awhile to get through books anymore) and what Hannah's reading (this will change often as she reads all the time and has a new favorite book almost every day).

So, enjoy our blog and feel free to comment. Here's a picture from earlier this summer.

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