Monday, August 27, 2007

A Zootiful Day

We love the zoo, but don't get to go very often. This weekend we went to the zoo as a family which we haven't done in at least a year. We all had such a great time.

There's a chimp sitting in a hammock to the left of Emma's head, if you can see it.

Great climbing tree.

Chai the elephant strolled by us. Emma had trouble taking her eyes off Chai so I could take a picture.

Hannah has always loved the elephants the best because until recently our zoo had a baby elephant named Hansa. Hansa died a few months ago. Hannah was understandably sad about this and decided to name one of her stuffed elephants "Hansa." Chai (you make be able to see her over Hannah's head in the distance) was Hansa's mother. I think it was because of Hansa's absence that when we asked her favorite animal at the zoo this time, she said the butterflies.

Here's the jaguar, checking out the prey - I mean - small children crowded around his windows.

Emma was riveted and would not take her eyes off him for a picture.

At the butterfly house and the girls on the Komodo Dragon statue. Have you ever seen a Komodo Dragon before? Those things are HUGE!! They're like something out of Jurassic Park! Wow.

While at the Zoo, we visited the hippos. They are always very popular, so it's necessary to sort of wait in "line" until a viewing spot at the railing is available. Ryan and the girls were already at the rail, but I was lagging behind with the stroller. As a good viewing spot opened up, I turned the stroller to go occupy it, but before I could even move forward, a blur of double stroller flew past me. I was surprised and a little annoyed at first. Then, I noticed who was driving the offending double stroller: famous Seattlite James Sun of TV's "Apprentice" fame.

He was cruising the zoo with his two daughters. And he'd just cruised right past me and into the railing spot I wanted. Well, I guess you don't get to be a finalist on "The Apprentice" by standing idly by while others go to the head of the line. You see an opening and you take it. Life lessons learned at the zoo.


Cailean said...

Love love love your blog! Isn't it fun? I'm so excited to be able to see your family, but be sure to post a picture that includes you!!! By the way I was so sad that James was "fired" from the Apprentice and didn't win :( How cool to have seen him! Did you talk to him about his time with The Donald?

Betsy said...

I love your blog Laura! Your girls are very cute, just like their mother! Question? I have the same stroller as you but mine doesn't have a snack tray....where did you get yours? I need one! They are so expensive on ebay!

Derek, Mari, and Colin Luangrath said...

I have the same stroller too :) Guess we all had babies around the same time, huh?

Laura said...

Cailean, by the time Ryan and I decided on a mutually-acceptable way to say hello to James, we'd left the hippo area and didn't see him again. Oh, well.

Bets, the stroller tray came with the stroller! Sorry. Ebay's maybe the best bet?

Kristin Machado said...

Oh my goodness, What cute nieces I have! Emma looks totally Carlson. I know you hear that a lot. I miss you guys. I want to start a blog. As soon as I figure out how, I will.