Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do the Puyallup

This past Saturday we went to the Puyallup Fair. I LOVE the Puyallup Fair. Does anyone else dream of Elephant Ears? Here's some pictures from our visit.
Hannah & Emma with the pig "Annelise" in the background. We found out that this pig was named after the character in the girls' current favorite movie "Barbie's Princess and the Pauper." Emma even sang the pig one of the songs from the movie.

Each year at the fair, it's our tradition to find the mama and baby pigs. These pigs were only three days old. Hence, the mama's passed out in the corner.

Ryan and the girls "milking" the "cow." Another yearly tradition. The girls must have enjoyed it because they played dairy instead of princesses that evening.

Ryan and Hannah on the swings. Emma was too scared to ride.

This ride was more Emma's speed, though she still wasn't too excited about it.

And this ride, the Kiddyland Train, was my speed. No spinning, twisting, racing, or tipping.

The final ride was the river canoes. After enjoying our Trans-fat Free Elephant Ears, we headed home. Until next September, Puyallup!


Agnes Minerva said...

Oh wow, you are brave to face all those crowds with two little ones! I am claustrophobic just thinking about it :) But you make it look easy!

Cailean said...

Your girls are so cute!!!! How fun to pass on that love to them. There are so many fun things to do around here, isn't there! :)