Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In-N-Out Menyou

This past weekend, Ryan returned from a week-long business trip to L.A. While there he ate at the famous In-N-Out Burger. He brought the girls home their own burger-flippin' hats and they had a pretend drive through restaurant. They used their play food and kitchen stove, with barstools serving as the drive through window. Ryan helped Hannah write the menu pictured below.

Hannah: Dad, how do you spell "menu?"
Ryan: M-E-N
Hannah: Got that.
Ryan: U
Hannah: Ok.

She hears "you," not the letter U. Kindergarten spelling is endlessly entertaining.

1 comment:

Derek, Mari, and Colin said...

I'm thoroughly entertained by this sign. And I'm equally as impressed with her handwriting on line #2 and the PS ("All burgers come with pop & chips") *wink*

Too cute, Laura!