Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stinky Pumpkin

We carved our Halloween pumpkin last night. Though Emma was very excited about this, she changed her tune once the carving began. Ryan pulled the stem/lid off the pumpkin and ...

Emma immediately did this:

She covered her nose! She didn't like the smell of the pumpkin "guts." She's always been super sensitive to smells (like her mom), but a pumpkin? I kind of like the smell. It brings back happy childhood memories. Nevertheless, Emma covered her nose, or made some sort of face for the entire carving.

Meanwhile, Hannah was not fazed by the smell or guts. She drew pictures of "pumkenz" while Ryan carved.

Emma, continuing to be disgusted.

"You put your hand in THAT?"

Hannah decided she would touch the pumpkin seeds and carved chunks.

Emma liked the final product and managed to forget about the smell for a minute.

Amazing how things can change in one year's time:

2006 pumpkin carving photos: Yes, that's Emma with her hand -gasp- IN the pumpkin!

Emma dumped the pumpkin guts while Hannah cowered in fear behind her. Total role reversal from last year to this.

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Cailean said...

This was the CUTEST blog to read! I just love Emma's expressions! I wonder what she'll do next year :) Your girls remind me of my girls - sometimes it's Julia that helps her older sister not be nervous about things, etc. I grew up with a brother of course so I don't know about these sisterly type things!