Monday, November 12, 2007

Dental Drudgery? Not for these girls.

Who says visiting the dentist isn't fun? Ok, I do, but only when I'm the one sitting in the chair. My girls seem to love their dental appointments. I think we have flouridated water and tooth paste to thank for that. NO CAVATIES! I always take pictures when the girls are getting their teeth cleaned because I think it's so cute. They're quite brave and cooperative with the hygenists and the dentist. Emma wasn't always so fond of their dentist. The first time she saw him, knowing he was coming to visit her teeth after Hannah's, she leaned in to me and said, "I don't like him." Thankfully, they have a very gentle and kind dentist who knows that Sleeping Beauty is also known as Aurora. This knowledge made him instantly acceptable in Emma's eyes. Here's pictures from last week's visit.

Safety sunglasses in place, Emma's ready to "ride" the chair up and back. Six months ago, she refused to be reclined in the seat. The seat went back, but Emma stayed rigidly upright. They also tried to raise the chair up, but she about jumped off, so they let that go too. This visit she was very brave. No chair or mouth instrument issues. She even allowed them to take X-rays. When they told me they were going to attempt this, I laughed and wished them good luck. But Emma watched Hannah have "mouth pictures" taken and decided that was OK for her too. She looked a little nervous in the X-ray room all by herself with the heavy cover on and the camera wedged under her jaw, but she did it. Whew!

Here's brave big sister Hannah, in the seat next to Emma for her cleaning. Thank goodness for big sisters who experience things first so little sisters can watch and want to follow their example.

Emma "kissing" the suction tube thingy to get the rinse water out of her mouth. She liked that thing so much the hygenist had to ask her to "open" over and over. She just didn't want to let go.

Hannah, during cleaning.

I just had to snap this picture of Emma. She's so small in the seat! And you should know that this is a pediatric dentist's office so the chairs are small to begin with! Her feet don't even come to the chair's knee bend area.

After the dentist's final inspection, the girls got their new toothbrushes, "good patient" princess stickers, and a small toy for good behavior. No wonder they love the dentist - look at all the great loot they get!


Cailean said...

How hilarious that we both posted about dental visits today. I'm so glad I thought to bring our camera. They wouldn't let me stay in the room though because my babysitter fell through so I had my other two hooligans with me. Your dentist looks much "bigger" than ours - I'm looking for a practice that is a little more spacious than the one we went to today but we still had a good experience. Your girls are so cute! And yes, thank goodness for those big sisters although sometimes it's Julia that is often the more brave/wild one. :)

josh and dianna said...

That has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Such brave little girls!