Thursday, November 1, 2007

H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells HALLOWEEN!

Did anyone else sing that song in elementary school? "Halloween means ghosts and goblins, scaring the people who open the door...." To this day, I sing it to myself when I have to spell "Halloween." I always thought it was a cool song, but I sang it to my girls and they were totally unimpressed.

Our Halloween began with a couple of parties last weekend including our ward's Halloween party. We ate chili, cornbread, and hot dogs. Someone made these cute little critters from half a hotdog wrapped in a biscuit with Chinese noodle legs. Emma was suspicious of eating something with legs, so we told her they were aphids. Ladybugs eat aphids, right? So... She ate it and said it was a great little aphid.

Emma and the half-eaten aphid.

Here's Ryan wrapping the girls up in the mummy wrapping contest.

Final product.

Halloween night was CRAZY, as always. Did you know that the busiest pizza delivery day of the year is Halloween? I believe it. Dinner is kind of an afterthought when you've got costumes, makeup, candy, parties, pictures, etc. to think about.

As you can see, Hannah was Sleeping Beauty and Emma was a ladybug. They loved their costumes and are already planning what they're going to be for the next two Halloweens. We had the girls dressed in layers as it was in the 40s during trick-or-treating time. We tried to walk quickly between houses to keep warm. At least it wasn't raining.

Although they were so excited to trick-or-treat, they were a little timid at first. Hannah wouldn't knock on the doors for the first block or so. Emma would get so enchanted/scared by the other kids costumes, she'd just stand in the doorway, mouth open staring at costumes. So much for "trick-or-treat." One little boy's Spiderman costume was particularly scary to her. Ryan's "spiders eat bugs" comment didn't help the situation.

We trick-or-treated until their buckets were full (I gave myself a pat on the back for choosing small candy buckets). Back at home, they looked over their loot and literally danced around it. Hannah wanted to know what each kind of candy was. Emma would have eaten it all that night, if we would have let her. This morning, the first thing she wanted was more candy. We had to have a talk about when we eat candy and when we don't. Before 9:00 AM is a time we don't.

Hope everybody had a great Halloween!


Cailean said...

What adorable costumes! I love the pipe-cleaner antennae! What a fun ward party - I wish we'd had one too! Yeah, it's great how they trick-or-treat until they are too tired and that's usually their age-appropriate time to stop anyway. Looks like you guys had a great time! Would love to see your costume too if you had one! :)

Casey and Scott said...

I love the Costumes! Jackson loved seeing Emma as ladybug (he loves ladybugs. ok, he loves all bugs, icky!). I think my favorite thing is Emma's quote about nursery, I keep giggling to my self every time I think of it. I don't know how you kept a straight face!

Julie said...

Yesssssss..... the Halloween song! I was singing it to Dave at Halloween time and he thought I was crazy. Thank you for the vindication.

I used to only be able to spell Halloween if I sang that song in my head :)

Anonymous said...

The song is entitled "Danse Macabre" (Dance of Death) by French composer Camille Saint-Saƫns. Im still trying to find the video of the cartoon skeletons dancing. Can't find it anwhere...