Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let it Snow

We don't get a lot of snow in almost sea level Seattle, so when we get even a dusting we make big deal of it. Yesterday we got our dusting, so the girls had a snowball fight and built a snowman.

Emma's holding a snowball, probably one that Ryan threw at her that bounced off her heavily-padded body and she picked up to throw back at him. Hannah is holding an "iceberg." This is a boot print that compacted into ice. Hannah called them icebergs.


Hard at work constructing a snowman.

Here's our Frosty. He lasted a few hours and then fell over. We told the girls he was sleeping. Our snow's gone now, but it sure was pretty and fun while it lasted!


Cailean said...

Fun fun fun!!! In our neighborhood in Seattle, we only got a light amount that actually stuck. So our kids had to enjoy just watching it fall. Although our church building, a few miles to the east of us, I noticed yesterday there was a big snowman still unmelted on the front lawn. I think Elizabeth has the same hat as Hannah - so cute!

Kimberly said...

Your girls look so grown up! I'm glad you put your blog on your Christmas we can keep tabs on you. Merry Christmas!