Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More time with the Duncans

We visited Bellevue Square to see the decorations and let the girls play on the boat. Natalie loved it so much she didn't want to stop climbing to pose for the picture. She was fearless, despite the gobs of older, bigger kids swarming around her.

Here's Natalie's face! Hannah loves her cousin.

"The three hermanas!" (to be sung to the tune of "The Three Amigos") Ann, Julie, and me at Mom's house.

And, the next generation of "Carlson" girls. Maybe someday there will be a boy....

Hannah and Emma have waited many months for Natalie to visit so they could teach her all about Barbies. There's so much to learn. First lesson: don't eat the Barbie shoes.

Ryan and I hamming it up for the camera. I like this picture because it reminds me of a picture we took 10 years ago when we were dating.

Emma loved eating breakfast sitting on the stool at my Mom's kitchen island. I think she discovered a whole new world up above the counters where she normally can't see. She sat up there and ate and played with the salt and pepper shakers (in the foreground) forever. She wanted to eat every subsequent meal "on the stool."

Hannah and I snuggled on the couch while watching BYU beat UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl.


Cortney Teeples said...

Hey--there is something strangely familiar about your outfits in these pictures... :) I'm glad that was such a fun day for all of you!

Julie said...

It's so fun to see the photos from our visit. The pic of Emma at the countertop reminds me of your bite of her salt-infused cornbread leftovers!