Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow-qualmie Falls

For MLK day yesterday we decided to spend part of the day doing something out of the ordinary (ordinary = home, Barbies, church, My Little Ponies, cleaning, babies, cooking, princesses, washing, vacuuming, etc.). So, we drove up to Snoqualmie Falls to see the sights. Though we were able to see the falls, we weren't able to hike down to the bottom of the falls, by the river, as the trail was closed. Bummer! We did walk around the park at the top of the hill, by the Salish Lodge (seen to the left in the above picture). It was 20ish degrees outside with snow on the ground and wind. Despite our layers, we were frozen.

We ate our lunch in the car and thawed out for a bit before driving to a nearby neighboorhood's park. At the park, Ryan spun the girls on this cool... well... spinny thing. I don't know what to call it. But it was so fun that the girls wanted to go again and again. Each time they'd get off, they'd fall over from dizzyness. As you can see in the pictures, it was snowy and cold there too, so we didn't stay too long. We had a fun time and enjoyed our small escape from the ordinary.


Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures! Washington is pretty amazing! I don't know how you stood that weather! We are freezing when it is 40!

Cailean said...

What a fun day! I bet your girls will never forget that. And what a great escape for those ordinary day things - we share a lot of those around here! I hope you're feeling well! Is it March when you're due?

theamazingjohnsons said...

I think those spinny things are quite fun myself!

Derek, Mari, and Colin said...

Beautiful pictures! Wow, I miss the landscape in Seattle. Here, they call a few trees by a dried up creek a "forest preserve." If only they knew what a *real* forest was here.

Glad you had a fun "out-of-the-ordinary" day!