Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why We Don't Let 5 Year Olds Vote

Hannah: Mom, who are those people? Why are they always on the news?

Laura: They want to be the next President of the United States so they have to let us all know why we should vote for them.

Hannah: What are their names?

Laura: [insert all candidates' names here]

Hannah: I want John McCain to win.

Laura: Oh, really? Why?

Hannah: I like his name.

Laura: Ah... yes.

[It should be noted that 20 minutes later, Hannah decided she actually wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Why? Becuase she likes her name, of course.]


Julie said...

And when you hear all the news analysts talking about pressing matters like which pantsuit Hillary wore, and how John Edwards felt about having his hair messed up by David Letterman, it makes me think -- who knows -- maybe the 5-year-olds would make a better decision than all the rest of us!

Cailean said...

Isn't this such a FUN age!!! Very progressive kids you have that even pay attention to the election and such! Our conversations have been less...refined shall we say :)