Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hannah Turns 6: Princesses, Parties, and Pink Frosting

Hannah turned 6 last week and celebrated in grand fashion. Here's our some photos we took during the week. I haven't included many pictures from her birthday party because of issues surrounding posting pictures of other people's children. I included what I could. Enjoy!

Here's Hannah headed to school with cupcakes for her class. The school's Jog-A-Thon happend to fall on Hannah's birthday, so her class ate the cupcakes and then - went jogging! Hopefully the sugar gave them an energy burst and didn't just give them stomach aches. Hannah ran 20 laps, so I guess she was energized!

Emma was having major birthday jealousy issues that day, so she got to keep one cupcake to eat after lunch. This is a picture of her being "done" with her cupcake. She eats the frosting off the top and throws the cake away.

Here's the cake I made for Hannah's actual birthday evening. I ran out of pink icing, so I improvised with the tiny bit of purple that was left. Not my best work, but Hannah still liked it. Whew!

Blowing out her candles. She's wearing the birthday crown she got at school that day.

And for my next act - the Barbie Doll Cake. Hannah was totally fascinated and sat while I frosted the entire dress. For days she talked about how much she loved her cake.

Here's Hannah with the finished Barbie cake. This is actually one of the easier birthday cakes I've made. Easier than the princess castle cake Hannah's wanted for her birthday for the past 3 years. Hopefully she'll want this cake for a few years to come.

Emma and Hannah getting ready for Hannah's party.

We made this sign to go on our front door. Hannah liked it so much so we decided to take a picture for posterity.

I have to explain this picture. I think Hannah's noticed that people do "bunny ears" or "peace signs" for pictures. I noticed that many of her friends did that in our party pictures. However, I don't think Hannah knows that these signs are typically done with just two fingers. She's flashing three fingers here. Maybe she thought, "if two is good, three must be better!"

Blowing out the candles on cake.

According to Hannah, her birthday party was lots of fun. We made princess crowns, and played a number of games. Ryan did a great job of planning fun games that the girls loved. Their favorite was the most simple: the princess and the witch. For this game, the girls sat on the floor in a circle. One person was given a small ball - this ball represents the princess. Another person is given a larger ball representing the witch. The girls have to pass the balls around the circle with the witch trying to "chase" the princess. The girls try to keep the princess from the witch and keep the witch chasing the princess. The witch can change directions too. Anyway, judging by the amount of squealing and screaming, it was a hit.

Between my birthday, Hannah's birthday, and Easter it was a busy week. We had a pretty low-key Easter because we were all so tired. Now, we're on baby countdown. Just over 3 weeks to go!


Cailean said...

Wow that's a major cake extravaganza! I am very impressed you had the energy for all of that as pregnant as you are, but I know birthdays are so much fun to get ready for. I would be fascinated too watching you frost that dress! I can't believe your due date is so soon! Wow!!! You must be very excited :)

Ashlee said...

They actually let you bring homemade treats to school???

The Nits said...

I am very impressed with your decorating skills. Yet another talent I didn't know you had! Happy B-day to you and Hannah. Samantha

Julie said...

Cool cakes! One question--is the princess wearing a frosting top? Racy!

Kristen said...

I love the cakes! I struggled just to decorate cupcakes at a YW activity. I'll have to recruit you for Ty's cake next year!

Laura said...

Ashlee: yup, homemade goodies are okay in Hannah's class! It surprised me too, but I'm not complaining!
Julie: yes, it's a lacy frosting top. The Barbie's wrapped in Saran Wrap underneath that. Rar. Racy is right. Just be glad I didn't include the pictures of Barbie (pre-frosting top) turned toward the camera with only Saran Wrap for modesty.

Jen O said...

Great job on the cake! And happy birthday to you too. In college my roommate was dating someone who was 30, and I was practically disgusted by the thought. *huh* Age is relative. :-) Hope you had a great day!

Betsy said...

That is one lucky girl! So many cakes! I'm going to have to get tips on the Barbie cake, I think that may be in our future!

Heather said...

This is too adorable. I stumbled across your blog because you mentioned something about the H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N song. I used to sing that when I was younger too. Anyhow your girls remind me of my sister & I. We're about the same years apart as your two oldest are, and this birthday post cracked me up. My sister & I are 13 months apart to the day, and jealousy always enusued on birthdays. Me being the younger one, I can understand how your middle daughter felt..lol. ;)

Just had to comment and share!

Anonymous said...

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