Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remember when thirty seemed so old

Once again, a song lyric comes to mind when thinking of a new post title. Thanks Alan Jackson.

I turned 30 a week or so ago and wanted to thank everyone who made my birthday so special. Thank you to all of the family and friends who contributed thoughts, memories, and pictures to the birthday book Ryan put together. I cried when I read through it which made Ryan feel that he'd accomplished his goal. Reading such kind words written by people who I respect and admire so much was the greatest feeling.

People have asked me if I'm sad to leave my 20s and to be THIRTY, as if it is very old. I don't feel sad. Rather, like Alan Jackson says in his song, "[I] won't be sad, [I]'ll be glad for all the life [I]'ve had." I have so many fun memories. I have even more memories thanks to the birthday book and the fun times I'd forgotten and many of you reminded me of. I look forward to the wonderful things my thirties have to offer.

Thanks again, everyone - you know who you are.

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Julie said...

Happy belated Birthday!! I didn't know about the book Ryan put together for you, what a great idea! Here's my memory to add to your book: When we were apartment-mates at BYU, I remember how excited you were whenever Ryan came over (which was pretty much all the time). Ryan was always fun to have around and he always made you so happy. It's fun to remember new love and the excitement and thrill of dating and preparing for marriage. I'm glad I was able to be a small part of that with you two! And I really enjoyed living with you - that was such a fun year! Here's another totally unrelated thought - I remember how very organized you were! Are you still that way with 2 kids?? I'm sure you are!
Love, Julie

P.S. I turned 30 in January and don't feel old either!