Thursday, May 8, 2008

3 weeks with 3

After three weeks with three kids in our house, I thought we should give an update. Ryan was home from work for two weeks. It was wonderful. He was Mr. Mom and took care of all things domestic. There was, however, a bit of a learning curve to taking care of the girls 24/7 and I could occasionally hear him quoting the movie "Mr. Mom" saying, "You're doing it wrong!" and "South to drop-off MORON!" If you've seen the movie, you'll get it.

This past week, my Mom has been here helping us all day everyday. Again, it's been great and the girls are so excited to see her every morning. The following are some pictures to further illustrate the past three weeks.

Here's Miriam in her slippers. The slippers are actually very small, but her legs are such sticks, the slippers look bigger than they are.

Sleeping baby.

Go Mariners!

On the couch, catching up on some sleep.

Miriam likes tummy time. Here she found her fist and sucked like crazy.

When Ryan was home, he made Emma the "smiley face lunch." She loved it and asked for it every day.

Emma is fascinated with Miriam... to the point of borderline smothering. I think my most frequently uttered phrase is, "Emma, please give Miriam space. Don't get to close to her face."
The big sisters. Thank goodness they play so well together. It allows us time to take care of Miriam without feeling like we're totally neglecting our older two.
Grandpa Carlson "keeping Miriam awake" so she wouldn't keep me awake during the night. It's a tough job.
Hannah and Emma playing football with Ryan at Grandma and Grandpa Carlson's house.

Ryan tackling Emma during the football game. Gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Carlson's house for Auntie Ann's birthday party.
Horsey ride.
Miriam in her car seat. We have to unfold her limbs to get her in the straps. She still prefers to be in the fetal position at all times.
Hannah and Emma like to make forts with Grandma Carlson.

Miriam, nice and calm after a diaper change. All three girls.
Hannah and Emma outside Hannah's classroom. Ryan and Grandma both have enjoyed taking Hannah to school each day. It's fun to see her in her element.
Big yawn. Like the milk tongue?
Oh, boy, does she love Miriam.

So, that's the first three weeks. Next week I'm on my own. Yikes!


Cortney said...

Such fun pictures! I'm glad you've had all the help you needed these past three weeks. :) Please do call me if you need anything! You have beautiful girls.

Jen O said...

Motherhood looks good on make it look EASY! Miriam is a little sweetheart, and it's cute to see how her other two "mommies" love her so much.

Casey and Scott said...

She is such a cutie! I know what you mean about the smothering. Jack seems to always want to put his face right in Jeff's face and it freaks him out. I'm so glad you have had so much help. We are close if you ever need anything. We will probably see you soon at the family party. Congrats again on three beautiful girls.

Cailean said...

I'm soooo glad you posted all these wonderful pictures! How fun to see Miriam getting to know her new family. She is so sweet!! I love the picture of Emma lying next to her - partly because it reminds me of Julia getting to know Elijah and how they are so amazed with this alive baby doll, but also partly because of your wonderful painted toenails :)

The Nits said...

She is so darling, I love the slippers. You are going to love having three girls in a row. it is fun EVERY day. (After you get past the perio bottle and the late night feedings.) Loved the pics, Samantha
P.S. "You little guys you think your balankies are great, and they are but some day your going to get older and then it's comforterers and breadspreads and the next thing you know your strung out on bed sheets." --Michael Keaton

paulandcherisvreeken said...

Laura!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I feel terrible that it's taken us so long to get the news!!! I got to thinking she was supposed to come any day now but didn't realize it was almost a month ago!!! She is adorable and so are the girl with her. It's so much fun to see them all. I love your pictures!!! I hope you're doing well and that next week on your own isn't too scary. I hope you are doing well!!! We miss you guys and we hope we get to meet your little one soon!

Mommy Blogs said...

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Hilary said...

What fun pictures! And what cute, cute girls you have. Pictures are so fun to look at -- thanks for posting so many. :)

Betsy said...

She is so cute! All three are precious! What fun having three girls. You'll always have little helpers and friends. My first year with 3 was pretty rough, but then again having a newborn is just tough period. I'm sure you're doing great!