Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dance Recital

So much to update on! Here's our pictures from Hannah and Emma's dance recital two weeks ago. They loved performing and dancing for all their family. I think you can click on the pictures to see bigger pictures. Hopefully.

Auntie Ann held Miriam who (thankfully) slept through the entire performance. She woke up when it was all over, filled her diaper, and cried for food. More pictures of that below.

Ryan with me and my mouthful of cookie. Emma, Teddy, Hannah, and Auntie Ann.
Emma and Hannah danced around the reception area while the adults chatted. Give these girls any open space and they'll fill it with dancing. Emma and her dancing arms. She loves to use her arms when dancing.
Miriam getting her diaper changed. So much for privacy.
Ryan and his brother Greg. And Miriam too. :)
Emma performing on stage. I didn't get any good Hannah pictures because I couldn't figure out my camera settings until it was time for Emma's class. Sorry Hannah!
Even though the recital took place during naptime, the girls were cheery and not over-emotional. Apparently it's impossible to be grumpy when wearing a tutu.

Thanks to everyone for coming! The girls appreciated it.


Cailean said...

Your girls both look so adorable in their costumes! And I love the diaper change on the bench. Why not, you know?

Julie said...

Such great photos! And you look wonderful--no tutu required ;)