Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saving Their Pennies

Today I went to Boeing Employee's Credit Union (BECU) and opened up a savings account for Miriam. Hannah and Emma already have these accounts which we use to save for their college expenses. When I opened Miriam's account, they gave me a piggybank for each of my girls. The banks aren't anything super fancy - they're just cardboard, but what I liked about them was they had three compartments: Save, Share, Spend. We think charitable giving is important and we usually do this in the form of tithing. This little bank can help remind the girls to pay their tithing and "share" their money. The banks also came with a check register-like booklet that can help the girls decide how much of each deposit they will save, share, and spend. AND, they got some BECU post-it note pads, keychains, and a booklet for parents to help them guide their children's financial decisions. Free stuff is so fun! Thanks, BECU!

If you'd like to open an Early Saver Account for your kids, check out You don't have to be a Boeing employee, all Washington State residents are eligible to become BECU members.


Cortney said...

That is pretty've got me thinking... :)

Betsy said...

That's really cool. We have saving accounts for the kids, but we just put the money in. We've been trying to do an allowance for Makena, but are not very diligent at it. That is a great idea.