Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Summer is now officially over and we're well into our first month of school. Before the school year started, I gave Hannah and Emma hair cuts. It was hard to cut all of that pretty hair, but they seem pleased with their new 'dos. Ryan almost cried when he came home from work the day I cut their hair, but he kept his composure and eventually decided it was fine.

Here's Hannah, Miriam, and Emma eating breakfast before Hannah's first day at school. Pink frosted mini wheats, Cheerios, and milk is the breakfast of choice.
Hannah sporting her pink pack. You may not be able to tell, but she's so excited the buttons on her jacket are about to burst.
Here's Emma, a few days later, outside her Preschool. She'd been waiting for this day for 2 years. She cried when Hannah would get to go into Preschool class and she couldn't. Now it's her turn!
Emma having a Teddy Graham and Apple Juice snack at Preschool. When her teacher announced the snack for the day Emma made the most excited face you can imagine. So much so that the other parents in the room were chuckling and whispering, "she must like those Teddy Grahams!"
So, Hannah started First Grade, Emma started Preschool, and Miriam... well, Miriam started solid food.
She doesn't love the rice cereal or oatmeal. Does any baby like that stuff? None of mine have seemed to. Miriam always makes a horrid face when the first spoonful reaches her tongue. She'll even do a full body shudder to emphasize her dissatisfaction. We'd hoped a bowl or two of cereal would help her sleep through the night again since she stopped doing that about 6 weeks ago. No luck so far.
So now we're back in the swing of school, dance classes, homework, show and tell, fundraisers, and book orders. Hannah has homework 3-4 nights each week and, unlike when she was in Kindergarten, she actually likes doing it. Emma tries her best to distract Hannah from doing her homework - just because she's so excited that Hannah's finally home and she wants to play. I've been trying to keep Hannah on task by sitting her and Emma at the table and giving Emma a pencil and paper so she can do homework too. Emma's imagination takes over from there and she'll draw pictures and write stories until Hannah's done. Miriam is content to roll around on the floor. She can roll both ways now and can pivot on her tummy to get to most things she wants. I keep forgetting her new-found mobility. The other day I put her down on my bedroom floor and walked away to take care of someone else. When I came back to her, she was halfway under my bed, trying to roll under it! Oh, boy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We Had A Great Summer

Here's a quick review of our summer - in pictures! Enjoy.

One day, while Ryan was away at Girl's Camp, we painted our toenails! Thanks to Samantha for the picture idea and to Ashlee for the suggesting the use of a highchair for baby toe pedicures.

We rode the Duck! Here we're on Lake Union in Seattle. We went with Ryan's family and had a blast. Who knew amphibious war vehicles could be so much fun? The other day Emma said we "needed to go ride the Duck again."

Miriam liked the Duck too. Despite the wind, yelling, music, and rocky ride, she fell asleep in my lap.

We took family pictures with Ryan's family. Above, Aeneas and Natalie are helping Gracie (the girl's cousins) get to the picture location. Antonio and Kristin are to the right.

We threw rocks into Puget Sound. Pictured are Antonio, Gracie, Staci, Emma, Hannah, and Natalie.

We spent a week on the Oregon Coast with Ryan's family. We all had such a great time and made so many fun memories. We flew kites (you may notice the kite is flying itself in this picture), played games, watched games, soaked in the hot tub, built sand castles, fed seals, ate saltwater taffy, and toured a cheese factory! Our camera never seemed to make it out of our bag, so we have very few pictures. Hopefully, everyone else will send us copies of theirs. Hint, hint.

We barbequed at both Grandma's houses and enjoyed visiting with Julie, Dave, and little Natalie from New York.

We went out to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Kane.

We swam at the pool with Auntie Ann, Grandma Carlson, Auntie Julie, Uncle Dave, and Natalie.

??? This is just a funny Emma picture.

Grandma Carlson and the girls taught cousin Natalie how to play Water Monster. Water Monster is any game played outside that involves lots of water and screaming.

We almost went crazy.

We played at the beach.

Miriam and Hannah bonded.

It was a great summer. Thanks to all of our family who traveled so far to come visit us. Memories are made of this!