Sunday, October 5, 2008

Preschool Pics

Miriam and I attended Emma's preschool class last week. I'm doing the preschool scrapbook pages for this month, so I got to go take some pictures of the kids. It was fun to be a "fly on the wall" (as much as that's possible with a 5 month old baby hanging in a sling off the front of me) and see what Emma does at preschool.
Here she's playing on the playground.

And eating her Teddy Bear Biscuit that she made earlier in the day. They've been "studying" teddy bears for the past few weeks. Now, they're on to studying farm animals which will include a visit to a local farm. She is very excited about this excursion. In other news...

Hannah and Miriam are sick with colds, sore throats, etc. Hannah was home from school Friday and will probably be tomorrow too. Needless to say, sickness has not helped Miriam's sleeping habits. Not only is she up during the night, but it's almost impossible to get her to sleep at night. She's up for hours just crying no matter what we do to try to help her. This is tiring for Ryan and I and is compounded by the fact that neither Ryan nor I were getting much sleep before Miriam got sick. Ryan's been working at night into the wee hours of the mornings trying to get a big project done for work. This project was stressful for him and became even more so recently when Washington Mutual, the company he works as a contractor for, was bought out by JP Morgan Chase. We are waiting to see how all the dust settles as the two companies merge and as they figure out how Ryan's company, CB Richard Ellis, will fit into the mix.

AND, I've not been sleeping well because I got the cold/cough bug that Hannah brought home from school in early September. I had it for weeks when, last week, I started having bad chest pains. As crazy as it sounds, the pains were bad enough that one night I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the doctor the next morning and was diagnosed with costochondritis. Essentially, I have inflamed cartilage in my chest. Not totally sure what caused it, but I think it has to do with weeks of coughing to the point where my ribs said, "ENOUGH!" Anyhoo, the doctor says "it will get a little bit better every day." Hmmm... that's helpful.

So, Ryan and I kind of feel like the walking wounded/exhausted. It was nice to have General Conference this weekend and just take it easy. We all took naps this afternoon which we haven't been able to do in a long time.

Hannah and Emma put an umbrella over Miriam in her bouncy seat. All three of them loved it. Hannah and Emma were so excited they couldn't even sit still for this picture. Miriam continues to be unimpressed with her solid foods. Here she is tonight, eating some applesauce. Yum? Boy, if she doesn't like applesauce, we're in trouble. Maybe we'll just feed her coupons.

P.S. Jenni, notice the flower clippy in Miriam's hair? Thanks for the inspiration!


Cailean said...

Oh cute pictures!!! I love the flower clip - is it really a clip? Lucy has almost no hair so no clips stay in but maybe you have a trick to it. I'm SO sorry to hear about your illness - that sounds really painful. I am always scared we'll get complications of colds or flus! I had such a bad cough last year that I think I bruised a rib. I hope you all start feeling better very soon!

Betsy said...

Miriam is so cute! I love her fuzzy hair! After we had Bode, I feel like we have had one sickness after another. Bode, especially has gotten hit hard his first two years of life. His colds all move into his chest and so he coughs and wheezes. I'm hoping that means he won't be as sick when he gets to school. Makena was sick a lot last year. It really stinks. I hope you guys feel better soon. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm doing better and we're getting a handle on our schedule.

The Nits said...

Illness is the worst. I am knocking on wood right now since we've had a pretty good start to the season. Samantha

Four makes more... said...

Oh man! I am so bummed that you guys are sick. There is nothing worse then sick babies and sick mommies all at the same time. I want to help if I can. Could Emma come play with us? Payton keeps asking about her.

* jenni

Julie said...

It's amazing how Miriam's expression changes when she's eating applesauce to when she's eating coupons! Maybe she'd like fruit leather.... ;)