Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Our ward's Trunk or Treat and Halloween party got off with a bang... or a siren, I suppose. The Young Men (leaders?) were in charge of the Spook Alley and their smoke machine set off the church's fire alarm. This brought out the local fire truck and Ryan had to explain what had happened. Never a dull moment around here! It was actually kind of convenient that we were already at the building for this fire department call since we usually get late night phone calls to inform Ryan of fire alarms or other building emergencies.

Since all the partygoers were already out in the parking lot, we had our Trunk or Treat before the inside party.

Here's Miriam as the Great Pumpkin. Though she's incredibly cute, she did not love her costume. Once in it she proceeded to spit up and chew on the green collar for most of the night. Spit up, chew on it, spit up, chew on it.
After the fire "drill" and Trunk or Treating, Hannah and Emma were frozen so we wrapped them in some blankets.

Hannah was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Emma was a cat, and Ryan was the "Candy Inspector." (Not pictured: Ryan's "candy inspector gadget" also known as a wall stud finder.) Here they're participating in the cupcake walk. Hannah got a white cupcake.
Emma chose a chocolate cupcake. She, of course, ate the frosting and then was done.
Here's the Halloween family.
And here's Miriam in her Jumperoo because she loves it and she's just cute.


HMichaelsen said...

Spencer would just eat the frosting too! Your girls look darling for Halloween!

Tara said...

You guys looks so cute!!! That sounds like so much fun and hearing these stories really makes me miss your family and the ward!

Cailean said...

Oh she IS so cute in that! Lucy always has her hand in her mouth too. Love the costumes and the Halloween fun! Elizabeth is Dorothy this year too! :)