Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turley Lurkey Doo and Turkey Lurkey Dap

Emma's still wearing her turkey hat from her Preschool party earlier this week. She plans to wear it while singing "Oh I'm glad I'm not a turkey" at Grandma's house later this evening. We'll see if she follows through on that. She likes to talk big.
I had to take a picture of the cute cupcakes from Emma's party. The one pictured is already partly eaten, but let me tell you, these were the cutest things. Fruit roll ups cut up to look like the turkey feathers! !! Emma liked it so much she ate not just the frosting, but the entire cupcake. Now you know it must have been good.
Hannah seemed a little sad that she didn't have a Thanksgiving party at school. She's a big first grader now and life is tough. Kidding aside, she loves school. The other day she asked me, "Mom, do you know what I don't like about school?" I told her I didn't know, though I might have guessed that her least favorite part of school was having to use the school restrooms. She said, "Nothing!! I like everything about school!" Whew. During her recently-completed science unit on sea life, she decided she wants to become a scientist. She's taught me all sorts of things about the ocean that I never knew. For example, since the word "twilight" has been a frequently-used word around here lately, she told me all about the twilight layer of the ocean. Then, she asked me if I knew what bioluminescense was. (I can't even spell it. Thank goodness for Google.) I still can't define it as well as she did, so I'll refer you to my friend wiki for a definition.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eric Tweaks Twilight

I'll admit it, I didn't love the movie version of "Twilight." I really really (yes, really really) loved the book, but the movie... not so much. Maybe I'll like it more if I see it again, but when I watched it the other night I spent much of the movie irritated because Edward was too mean and scary, Jacob was wierd, there was too much Charlie, Carlisle was too pasty white, etc. I kept leaning over to Ryan and whispering, "that wasn't in the book!" Pepper spray? Really? Maybe the squealing teenage girls sitting all around me in the theater had something to do with my annoyance with the movie? I expected excitement from the crowd, but not squealing through the ENTIRE movie. Wow.

Admitedly, I hyped the movie up in my head too much and disappointment was inevitable. I know I'll see the movie again and probably enjoy it more now that I've got more realistic expectations.

I may be the only Twilight fan who didn't think the movie was great. That's okay. Whether or not you liked the movie, you may enjoy Eric Snider's take on the script here. If you were at BYU back in the late 90s, you probably know of Eric. He wrote a "Titanic" screenplay for BYU's Daily Universe that was excellent. His sarcastic non-P.C. writing is, in my opinion, hilarious and his Twilight screenplay is no exception. Enjoy.