Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eric Tweaks Twilight

I'll admit it, I didn't love the movie version of "Twilight." I really really (yes, really really) loved the book, but the movie... not so much. Maybe I'll like it more if I see it again, but when I watched it the other night I spent much of the movie irritated because Edward was too mean and scary, Jacob was wierd, there was too much Charlie, Carlisle was too pasty white, etc. I kept leaning over to Ryan and whispering, "that wasn't in the book!" Pepper spray? Really? Maybe the squealing teenage girls sitting all around me in the theater had something to do with my annoyance with the movie? I expected excitement from the crowd, but not squealing through the ENTIRE movie. Wow.

Admitedly, I hyped the movie up in my head too much and disappointment was inevitable. I know I'll see the movie again and probably enjoy it more now that I've got more realistic expectations.

I may be the only Twilight fan who didn't think the movie was great. That's okay. Whether or not you liked the movie, you may enjoy Eric Snider's take on the script here. If you were at BYU back in the late 90s, you probably know of Eric. He wrote a "Titanic" screenplay for BYU's Daily Universe that was excellent. His sarcastic non-P.C. writing is, in my opinion, hilarious and his Twilight screenplay is no exception. Enjoy.


Darren and Brandi said...

Nope, you're definitely not the only one who was disappointed. Edward was so creepy in the movie it was sometimes awkward to watch! I agree, I think I'll like it much better the second time around, but I think I would prefer to spend hours and hours reading it instead :)

Kristen said...

The book definitely didn't translate well into a movie, although I still found the movie entertaining--and I have to say I was very amused by the twitterpated teens that giggled and squealed through the movie. I'm impressed that Ryan went with you! I LOVED Eric Snider's script!

Hilary said...

I haven't read anything from Eric Snider since the good 'ole days at BYU. Thanks for putting that link in your blog! I've now bookmarked Eric for future enjoyment. :)

Betsy said...

I am actually one of the few of my friends who enjoyed it, but I think I went in with the sole purpose of enjoying how hot Edward was and he didn't disappoint. Having said that my friends and I found ourselves laughing out loud during many parts of it...which I don't think was the desired effect.

Julie said...

I went with some girlfriends and had a great time laughing with them during certain parts of the movie. It wasn't a great movie, but it was entertaining. I still love the book much more.

Thanks for putting the link to Eric Snider's page. I enjoyed reading his column at BYU and I'm glad he's still writing.

paulandcherisvreeken said...

We haven't seen it yet because I'm too afraid to be disappointed. I'm planning on it actually so I don't hype it all up in my mind. If you want to see it again maybe we can make a trip to a matinée while we're in town. We've just been waiting for the cheap theater to see it so if we can get a group together when were there and you want to give it a second shot maybe we can all go. I know Amie will be game!!!

Hope things are great!!!