Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Quality Producer

Hannah's teacher chose her to be a Student of the Month for December. As a reward for her work, our family got to go have lunch with her.

During lunch her principal gave out the awards. Hannah and Emma both think the principal is pretty much a rock star. Hannah was so excited to have us at lunch, she forgot to get her own lunch box from her class basket! I had to go track it down. Ryan and I very much enjoyed being in the school cafeteria. Elementary school kids are endlessly entertaining.

As a side note, one of Hannah's best friends was chosen as the other Student of the Month from her class. He and Hannah sometimes play Star Wars during lunchtime. His mom tells me that he likes to play with Hannah because "she knows all about Star Wars and most girls don't!" She can thank her Dad for that. I'd never watched Star Wars until I started dating him. Another game Hannah and her friend like to play is "John McCain and Sarah Palin." Hannah tells me that her friend pretends to be John McCain and she pretends to be Sarah Palin - with her new glasses, of course. Not sure what they actually play....
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Cailean said...

Ha that is so cute! I think Palin made glasses "cool" again for kids. :)

Julie said...

Yay, Hannah! Way to go! Emma looks like she's beside herself with glee to be in the lunchroom with the big kids ;)