Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Walk

This week has been cold and snowy. School was cancelled for the last 3 days of the week bringing an early Winter Break. We've been able to get out of the house here and there, but we're feeling a little bit of cabin fever. We've wrapped most of our Christmas presents, played lots of Uno games, played Zooreka and Balloon Lagoon, put puzzles together, watched movies, vacuumed (no excuse when I'm stuck at home), done laundry, and lots of blogging.
Here are some pictures from a snow walk on Thursday. The snow was coming sideways, so poor Miriam finally turned her head into her hood and fell asleep. Snow is not as exciting when you're only 8 months old. Ryan's dressed Miriam in her all-white P.J.s. He's calling them her "snow P.J.s." Anyone remember KSL weatherman Mark Eubank's "snow coat?" Same idea. I know, Ryan's pretty funny, isn't he?

Hannah and Emma's snow angels.

Last night we had a big storm with strong winds and snow. Church was cancelled today, so we're snowed in on Sunday again. Right now we're watching it snow and thinking about making cookies.
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Betsy said...

I'm so jealous of your snow!

Matt and Michelle Ray said...

So fun to be facebook friends and to find your blog! I started blogging after Addie was born and you know how addicting it is!

Your girls are getting so big (and beautiful!). It's cute to see how they look like you and Ryan!

Hope your having a Happy New Year!

Colleen said...

It is always fun to see how many things you can come up with to entertain yourselves when you are snowed in! Your girls are so cute and you guys look like you have so much fun together. What a great family!