Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Recap

I'm baa-ack! My family, specifically my far-away sister Julie, has been asking to see some recent kid pictures since all I've posted in the last forever has been a picture of the house. BORING! So, here ya go Ju-gee:

Crazy hair day at Hannah's school. If Hannah's doing it, you know Emma's got to be doing it too. So, crazy zig-zag parts, pig tails, and glitter hair gel for all. Even Miriam got piggies though she wanted nothing to do with lap-sitting and posing for pictures. She wanted the camera. Bad.
Better picture of the 'tails. Does Hannah's excitement come through in this picture? Holy cow that girl was excited.

Hannah and I celebrated birthdays in March. Ryan's sister Julie is a cake decorator for a local grocery store chain and she made this awesome cake for us. Look at that cursive lettering! I can't write that well with a pencil, let alone with icing! Thanks Julie!
And, if you're paying attention, you'll note that I've mentioned two Julies in this post. Ryan and I both have sisters named Julie. Yes, it does get confusing at times. Especially because they both have daughters named Natalie. And Ryan's sister Julie's middle name is Ann and I have a sister named Ann. Oh, and Ryan's Mom's name is Laura too. With all of these common names, we are forced to use longer names for just about everyone in our family. For example, when we're talking with the girls about Ryan's sister Julie, we usually refer to her as "Auntie Julie Aeneas' mommy" because, of course, "Auntie Julie Natalie's mommy" could still be either Julie. But now I've strayed waaaay off topic....
Hannah found a "princess cake" in a cookbook and requested it for her birthday party. Unfortunately, I accidentally packed that cookbook and put it in storage while staging our house for sale. So, this was what I came up with after picking Hannah's brain a bit. Princess crown: easiest cake topper ever.

I'm only going to post this party picture (not wanting to post pics of other people's kiddos without permission, you know). Use your imagination: lots of 6-7 year old girls, one 4 year old girl trying to be part of the big girl stuff, one 11 month old girl very confused by all the commotion, pizza, cake, ice cream, Kool-Aid, princess dress up clothes, "High School Musical 3," and just to shake things up, two boys showing up for the last few minutes of the party. Whew!
Next up: Miriam's Birthday!


HMichaelsen said...

Happy birthday to you & two of your darling girls. Birthday present I'm sure was having your house sell & buying a new one!

Julie said...

Two beautiful cakes! And I love the non-photo birthday party description--oh to be there and witness it myself :)

Oh, and regarding the glitter hair gel, "I want that." Loved Miriam's piggies too!