Monday, May 4, 2009


While getting ready for bed a few nights ago, Hannah decided all her pajamas (hereafter referred to as P.J.s 'cause that's what we call them) were too warm and she couldn't possibly wear them on such a hot night. For the record, the temperature inside the house was probably no more than 74 degrees.

If I'd been home, I probably would have told her to get over it and put some P.J.s on. NOW.

But, as her luck would have it, I'd escaped to the grocery store and left Ryan in charge of baths and bed. Ryan decided to solve the P.J. dilemma by letting Hannah and Emma wear two of his T-shirts to bed.
Oh my goodness, if we'd gone to the store and bought them brand new P.J.s they wouldn't have been happier.

Ryan snapped these pictures before tucking them into bed.

When I came home later that night, Ryan didn't tell me about the T-shirts. He just said the girls were waiting for kisses before they went to sleep. I went upstairs and, though I found both girls in their beds, they couldn't have been more awake. Emma was shaking with excitement, "Mommy, Daddy let us wear his shirts to bed!!" Hannah, who had her face tucked into the neck of her shirt said, "Wow! I can see my whole body!"

Back downstairs, Ryan was pretty proud of himself. Not only were all three girls in bed, but they were happy! No one was crying, screaming for some water, complaining about her sister talking so she couldn't sleep, asking to use the bathroom, or any other sort of sleep-avoidance technique. To top it off, he told me he'd taken some pictures of the girls in their "nightshirts." "You might want to take some more pictures though," he said, "because you'd probably take better ones." I don't know. I think he got some pretty good shots.


Cailean said...

What happy girls!!!

The Nits said...

Congratulations! You sold your house! That gives me hope that ours will sell and we can move!

Betsy said...

Congratulations selling your house! Have you already picked out another? Your girls are cute as always!

Julie said...

"Wow, I can see my whole body!" I love it. Doesn't this remind you of Dad's old undershirts? Good times ;)