Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake Wilderness

*** Before I begin this blog post, I must ask: does anyone else out there in blogland have trouble with Blogger's insert picture feature? Every time I upload the pictures, they come out in the opposite order of the way I uploaded them. Except then sometimes, I try to allow for this oddity and upload them in reverse order (I AM smarter than Blogger!), but then Blogger puts them in the exact order I uploaded them in. Huh? Does any one else have this problem? Does anyone know what I'm talking about for that matter? Ah, well. I feel better just having vented. Thank you. ***

Ryan wanted to take the girls on a hike this summer. He printed out a map of the Cougar Mountain trails and had planned to go there, but then we found out there was some bike ride/race there the day we wanted to hike.


New hikers with short, slow legs + bike racers = bad idea.

So, Ryan suggested "hiking" around Lake Wilderness. The first part was wooded and the girls thought it was great.

Eventually the trail came out of the woods and wasn't shady.

New hikers with short, slow legs + hot sun, no shade = unhappy New Hikers.

Ryan said he thinks the Lake Wilderness trail is about 2 miles. Does anyone know for sure? I'd love to know. If it is a 2 mile trail, the girls were done hiking at exactly .75 miles. Hannah was a trooper and kept her complaints to a minimum. Emma made no attempts to hide her dissatisfaction with the situation, exclaiming, "I don't like hiking!" Note her sour expression in this picture.
Luckily, Ryan sang a rousing version of "Boom, boom ain't it great to be crazy" and saved us from a full on mutiny. Lesson learned: never doubt the power of a well-timed, totally nonsensical camp song. If I remember correctly, Ryan may have even tried to sing "The Bear in Tennis Shoes" song, but I was in no mood for providing his echo at that point.

Eventually, we got to a park so we could sit and the girls could play a bit. Emma, though crying, dragging her feet, and being "tired of WALKING!!!" was miraculously cured of all her ills.

Hot, tired family + park = perfectly happy family

On second thought, Miriam wasn't perfectly happy. She'd fallen asleep in the back pack just about the time the girls' hiking revolt began. She'd slept through the whining, but had woken up when Ryan sat down at the park.

Sleeping baby in back pack + sitting, non-walking Dad = awake baby

After the park, when we were almost back to the car, the girls took their shoes and socks off and walked through the water on the beach. We were all tired and ready to be done, but we're pretty sure we'll be able to talk the girls into going hiking again. Anyone know of any .75 mile hikes?


Sara said...

I don't use blogger. Just for that reason alone. If you download Windows Live Writer,you can write what you want and then drag the pictures that you want in the specific place and then continue to write.

Love it. I wouldn't blog without it.

Sarah said...

Ahhh, I'm sure Rodi and Andy would sympathize with you. They love to (repeatedly) tell the story of their frustration with me whining/crying on a similar sounding hike. They dunked me in the lake at the end of the hike to retaliate for their suffering. If only they have been considerate enough to sing camp songs to sooth me rather than resorting to physical violence I might be a better person today...

Casey said...

I've been putting pictures in backwards lately and it has never changed, so far. We love walking around Lake Wilderness. I bet it is about 2 miles. If you ever need crazy boys to keep your girls going, we would be happy to come along. One of our favorite short hikes is around the lake/pond at Nolte State park http://www.parks.wa.gov/parks/?selectedpark=Nolte
The trail around it is about 1 mile and there is a playground and swimming area at the end.
Also we find bribery with skittles to be VERY effective! I'm glad you guys had fun. Hopefully we will see you soon.

Cailean said...

Wow what a fun time! I always love seeing your cute family when you post. Your Emma reminds me of our Julia - it's funny to hear them whine, only to perk up when they so choose :) So about Blogger - it doesn't bother me how the photos are uploaded because it's easy to copy and paste them in whatever order I want...but thinking about it, they usually do upload in the right order for me. I think, at least?!

Ashlee said...

I just upload my pictures backwards and it works...annoying, huh?

As for hikes - our favorite is Twin Falls - it is longer than .75 miles, but our girls have so much fun running from fallen tree to big rock to bridge that they don't realize how far they've went. All three of our girls can do the whole thing - even the steep parts. There is a waterfall at the end. We are hoping to do it again this summer b/c the girls are determined to play in the water once we are finished. Let us know if you are interested in coming with us - we can try to set up a time that would work.

Julie said...

What troopers! Love your kiddo mathematics :) I think you should make Ryan's echo-less "Bear in Tennis Shoes" the soundtrack for your blog. I can *almost* hear it already!