Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oregon Vacation: The Deer Whisperer

For some reason, Miriam loved the couch on vacation. The kind of love that causes one to cry when taken from it kind of love. Her favorite thing to do on the couch was to look at books. Here she's reading Lion is Down in the Dumps - a Sweet Pickles book. I have vivid memories of reading Sweet Pickles books in my second grade classroom. I loved those books. Now that I've read all of them about 200 times to my kids, I don't love them quite so much. But they still love them and that makes me happy.

It's become a tradition that, when we're at Eagle Crest, the girls create a pretend grocery store on the back deck. They do this almost every day: buying things from each other, having the adults come buy things from them, arranging their products by size and color (Hannah - that's my girl!), and allowing Miriam to tote around a box or two.

Emma posing next to her grocery store. We had family pictures taken a few weeks ago and ever since then she's been really into posing.

Notice the deer in the grass behind Emma and Hannah? We saw soooo many deer on vacation. At least 3 deer per day, sometimes a lot more. Ryan and my Dad golfed on the course behind our condo and saw about 5 deer along the course. One particular evening, we weren't the only ones to spot the deer.

This other guy, who Ryan dubbed "The Deer Whisperer," saw the deer and decided to come out and feed it. From his hand. Though the deer liked the carrots he was getting, he didn't like the Whisperer. The deer was obviously nervous as the Whisperer tried to pet him, but apparently the carrots were too good to pass up.


Julie said...

So was there a lot of price gauging between the 2 grocery stores, as they tried to drive each other out of business? Maybe that won't happen until the middle school years.

Gotta get some Sweet Pickles books. I haven't read one in years!

Betsy said...

What a great vacation! Great job on the documentation. Looks like you had a great summer!