Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oregon Vacation: Driving and Arriving

My parents invited us to spend a week with them in Central Oregon. It's about a six hour drive from our house to the condo just outside of Redmond, Oregon. With our portable DVD player loaded, we set off over the mountains.

Emma was, by this point, already tired of her this car trip. Miriam and Hannah were still hanging in there.

As we got close to the Columbia River we noticed lots of these wind power-generating things. Windmills? Anyone know their proper name? Whatever their name, they were very cool. They must be fairly new because we didn't remember seeing them two years ago when we last drove this highway. They looked quite space age - especially because there were so many of them. Like hundreds in both Washington and Oregon.

Descending to the bridge over the Columbia River with Oregon to the left and Washington to the right.

Anyone else know the words to the Columbia River song?

Roll on, Columbia, roll on
Roll on, Columbia, roll on
Your power is turning our darkness to dawn
Roll on Columbia, roll on
Other great rivers give power to you
The Yakima, Snake, and the Klikitat too
That's all I can recall. Hmmm... maybe Google can help me....
Yes! My friend Wiki (via Google) is always there for me. Here's the complete lyrics:
I was close. Sort of. Thank you for humoring me.
Moving on.
As we continued into Oregon, the girls watched High School Musical 2 while Miriam cried. She stoped only for fruit snacks. We went through an entire box of fruit snacks on that drive. No, Miriam didn't eat them all, but more than I'd ever confess to my pediatrician.
Eventually we reached our destination: Eagle Crest! Here's the girls in their room. I thought I'd take a picture 'cause I knew the beds wouldn't look that neat for the rest of our stay.
Stay tuned for: swimming! the deer whisperer! girls in sand traps! pretend grocery stores! Sisters the city! Ryan doing a hand stand!

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Julie said...

It's funny, my spirited rendition of Roll On Columbia always fades in the same place yours does. Good thing for wikipedia! I bet Mom knows the words to most of it.
I'm pretty sure they didn't teach us the verse about hanging the Indians in elementary school. That verse and several others were totally new to me.