Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oregon Vacation: Swimming

Swimming is the girl's favorite part of vacation. Isn't it that way for most kids? When I was little and we'd go on family road trips, I remember my sisters and I begging my parents to let us stay at Motel 6 each night. Holiday Inn? Nope. Hilton? No way. Mariott? No thanks. Why? Because we knew that Motel 6 would have a swimming pool and we'd be able to swim before going to bed. Motel 6 never failed to have everything we wanted in a vacation: swimming. Fancy rooms and continental breakfasts were unimportant.

As with me and my sisters, my girls vacation to swim. Between trips to the pools, we did do a few other things. We visited the park one day.

And then we went to the pool.

Miriam, though petrified of our backyard wading pool, grudingly decided that floating in her "boat" in a semi-warm pool on a 88 degree day wasn't a bad deal.

Hannah favored the noodle float and bobbed around happily.
Emma was beyond thrilled that she could touch the bottom of the pool. She liked dancing in the water and riding around on Grandpa's back.
Here's Ryan's legs. The girls thought his underwater handstand was amazing.

Miriam's favorite pool was the baby pool. She could hold onto the side and move around on her own. She was moving so much that this was the best picture I could get of her.
More vacation pictures to come!

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Julie said...

You've got some great smiles from Miriam there! She must have warmed up to the pool, huh?