Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween's Coming

Halloween's just a few days away .... and because having our first day of school pictures and our Halloween costume pictures in the same blog post might be a bit too much, I decided to post a few pictures now. You can expect to see Halloween costume pictures just before Christmas.

So here's Hannah on her first day of second grade. She loves school and her teacher. She would read all day long if we let her, but life is hard and math is part of life. I get to volunteer in her classroom this year - for the first time! (Thank you Heidi!) I love to go, even if I'm just making copies in the workroom. Part of the reason I like to go is that after two hours in the copy room I have a crate full of copies to show how much I accomplished. Sometimes at home I look around and wonder, "what have I done today?" I made sandwiches, but they got eaten. I straightened the playroom, but then Miriam got in there.... I changed 5 diapers, but they're in the garbage. I dressed Miriam and brushed her teeth. I drove preschool carpool. I took the kids to the library. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes it's hard to ... what's the word.... quantify what I do everyday. So, volunteering at school is fun.

Emma loves her Pre-K class (please don't call it Preschool or you'll have Emma to answer to) and favors art. She's a social butterfly and loves to be in the middle of any group of kids, laughing and talking. One day I was walking down to the bus stop to get Hannah off the bus and found Emma already there, chatting with the other kids waiting for the bus. I'd thought she was still in the house getting her shoes and coat on. Funny how quickly she'll get shoes and coat on when she knows there are kids outside to talk to.

Ryan's Sister Kristin and her two children visited in September. It was nice to see them and meet baby Julian. Hannah and Emma loved playing with their cousin Gracie and got to have a sleepover together at Grandma Mattson's house. They sang and danced to Hannah Montana until 10:00 PM. That's about 2:00 AM in Hannah/Emma time. Ryan's Uncle Gary also visited from L.A. and it was nice to see him.

Here's a picture of Ryan's parents, Uncle Gary, Kristin, and kiddos at our house after a Friday night picnic.

We got some free tickets to the UW football game from Hannah's school principal. Every year he somehow gets a chunk of tickets to give away at the school. Pretty sweet, huh? We enjoy a good sporting event, so when we can take our kids for free instead of $$$, we jump at the chance.

Emma's favorite part of the experience was the bus ride to the game. She loved looking down in people's cars, counting the red cars, watching sea planes take off from Lake Union, spotting the Space Needle, etc. The game wasn't nearly as exciting for her. In fact, she fell asleep in Ryan's lap and slept for the entire fourth quarter. The rest of us had a good time on the bus and at the game. We were lucky to be able to sit by all the families from Hannah's school and right next to our friends from church. Can't wait for next year's game!

Emma's preschool took this year's first field trip to Kelsey Creek Farm. They got to pet a pony, watched a pig eat an entire pumpkin (always my favorite part) and got to spread bark in the animal stalls. Here's the pig. She's 500 pounds but according to Farmer Jane, she's on a diet. Yeah, good luck with that.
And for this week's Family Home Evening, we carved our pumpkin. Now we're ready for Halloween!


Colleen said...

Looking forward to Christmas to see those costumes! I love it all, you guys have such busy lives and have so much fun...sounds familiar! What a great gang!

The Nits said...

Cute! I love the updates even if they are a bit sparse.

Julie said...

Seeing all these photos of bits & pieces of your new house makes me REALLY want to see it in person!

Betsy said...

I haven't checked in several months, so at least I didn't have a lot to catch up on! And I totally feel Hannah's pain...math, schmath...bleh.

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