Friday, November 6, 2009


Halloween was fun this year despite a few setbacks. Emma was sick the days preceding Halloween, but got better just in time. Miriam, on the other hand, came down with something on Halloween night. She was a grumpy bumble bee. Poor thing. Here's the best picture we could get of the three of them.

Hannah and Emma were in seventh heaven. Costumes, hair, make-up, and candy. Pretty much perfection if you ask them.

We tried to get Miriam to leave her hood on so we could see her bee antennae. It was out of the question. Fuhgettaboutit.

Ryan and I were pirates.
Pirates wrestling a grumpy bee.


Colleen said...

Very cute! I love the grumpy bumble bee. Poor little thing! You make a great pirate!

Dave said...

Avast! Your pirate costumes did turn out great, Matey. Shiver me timbers!

Julie said...

Great family photo in costumes! Emma reminds me of the little cowgirl from Toy Story 2--Jessie ;) Hannah, that is one flashy poodle!

The Nits said...

I love your shiny pirate tresses! I'd stay away from that Bee, she looks ready to sting! -Samantha

Betsy said...

You guys are troopers to dress up! The girls look so cute...and Makena's favorite part is definitely the makeup too.

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