Monday, November 16, 2009


My sister wanted to see some of the projects I'm working on or have completed recently. Here goes!

Our house has LOTS of overhead lighting which is nice... and bright. At times, it's too bright and I just want lamp light. It's so much softer and warmer and cozier. So, I bought about 8 lamps at the thrift store's 50% off sale the other day. Yes, eight.

If I were an official home decor blogger, I would have taken "Before" pictures of my projects. I'm not, so I didn't. Besides, I'm way too impatient to put off spray painting to take pictures. Sorry. If I ever decide to post other projects, I'll try to pause and take before pictures.

In the meantime, here's a picture of the bottom inside of the lamp I painted. This picture sort of shows what the entire lamp looked like before it met my BFF: spray paint. I bought two of these lamps for about $2 each.

Actually, my true BFF is black spray paint, but I painted these lamps sort of a dark bronze color. I can't decide if I really like the bronzey brown color, or if I'm going to break down and just paint them black. For now, they're bronzey brown.

Though I LOVE spray paint, I am terrified of wall paint. If I had to paint a room I might break out in hives. No joke, painting walls freaks me out. So, our walls are white until Behr makes some sort of wall spray paint or someone else has pity on me and paints them for me.

Please don't look at the pictures too closely, I'm no photographer. Lamps are hard to photograph! Please note cute baby/trusted assistant on the couch. Thank you.

Here's a project in progress. I found this sorry looking mirror at the thrift store for around $4. I thought that was highway robbery considering the shape it was in, but I bought it anyway. I have a small obsession with mirrors. So, here it is under construction. I've hot glued it where it was broken and given it a coat or two of black spray paint. When I've removed the tape and plastic bag, it will hang on the wall somewhere.
Up next is, quite possibly, the worst picture I've ever taken. Ah, well. Imagine if you will a big chunky black frame with corkboard in the middle. So exciting, isn't it?!!! Well, I get excited about things like that. My frame came from ... can you guess? The thrift store! It was gold and U.G.L.Y. when I found it, but black spray paint can cure a world of evils.
I've put corkboard in the center and I'm going to mount our 2010 family calendar in it. It will hang on the wall in our office and keep us all organized and we'll never double book ourselves or forget an event again! That's my vision anyway. If I'd been going for an A+ on this project, I'd have distressed the frame a bit, but distressing is not an exact science and therefore frightens me.

Some of my other upcoming or in-progress projects are making pillows for the couch, making wall art for our bare white walls, and spray painting picture frames. Fun!


Jen O said...

Look at you go! OK, where in the world do you shop? When I go to thrift stores, I find junk. You have a gift for awesome bargains.

Julie said...

Co-ol! I wish I could be your thrift store shopping buddy more often.

The Nits said...

Nice Work! and great ideas. Don't tell, but distressing is on the way out anyway. LOVE the barbies. I think my girls might wake up to that tomorrow.

Colleen said...

Cool and clever! I've never done spray paint projects anything like that, just to re-paint a dresser, but my eyes have been opened! Thanks for the enlightenment :).

Mimi Nowland said...

I love black spray paint too, it has helped me in many projects! It has been fun to see what you and your family are up to.

iamwoman said...

This is so FAB. I love that you love thrift stores as much as me (it seems) and I love that you were so creative and saw such potential in those items. Your a creative queen!

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