Monday, December 7, 2009

The VonMattson Family Singers

Hannah learned this song in her music class at school. She really likes that the song is in another language (German!) so she sings it all the time. She taught it to Emma and they've been doing duets ever since. They also do rousing renditions of "America, I Hear You Singing" and "Jingle Bells," but I'll save those for another post.

For the record, I told them to stand with their hands folded like that. They are, of course, imitating the kids from "The Sound of Music."

The song is called O laufet, ihr Hirten (Come Running, You Shepherds).

Here are the words, in English:

Come running, you shepherds, as fast as you can,
With flutes and with bagpipes, and with your whole clan.
We're going to see, In Bethlehem's stall,
The child who the angels announced to us all.

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Colleen said...

Cute! I love Miriam's peek into the camera :).

Julie said...

I love your performance, ladies! What great stage presence you have. Natalie says, "Silly girls!"

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