Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Christmas Recap

Whew!  What a December we had!  It was crazy busy, stressful, and at times overwhelming.  We spent a few quiet moments (around 1:00 AM when we were getting to bed each night) wondering what made this December so much crazier than others.  We came to these three conclusions:

  1. We got a late start.  Ryan was working hard over the Thanksgiving weekend to finish building some garage shelving.  This was a good use of time, but it meant that we didn’t do any Christmas prep during that weekend. 
  2. Continuing the late start theme, we didn’t do hardly any Christmas buying or decorating until after Emma’s birthday party which was held on December 13th. 
  3. I got a new church calling (responsibility) and we were asked to speak at church in Sacrament meeting on December 27th. 

We have resolved to make next year’s Christmas season better by planning ahead and doing more to prepare for Christmas before December even arrives.  And we’re never going to agree to speak in Sacrament meeting in December again.  No.  Way. 

Just kidding.  Kind of.

So, here is a brief photo history of our December.  Enjoy.


Ryan and the aforementioned garage shelves.  They hold all of our junk important things we store in the garage nicely. 






We attended Emma and Hannah’s Christmas music programs at their schools.  I do love a good Christmas music program.  Miriam liked the music too, but not so much Santa who came at the end of Emma’s program.  What is Christmas really, other than an opportunity to sit our crying children on the lap of an old hairy man. 

20091212_0009   Emma turned 5 and had her first friend birthday party.  She’d been asking for a “candy cake” for about 6 months before her party.  I threw some Skittles on the cake and called it good.  She was pleased. 


We had 13 girls at Emma’s party (including her sisters).  They ate popcorn, watched a Barbie Princess movie, and played with toys.  Easy!  Hannah was a big help with serving cake and general crowd control.  She’s such a good girl. 


Ryan and the girls went out on a very rainy December 16th to purchase and set up our tree.   I was at a church meeting that night, but liked that they found a Noble for $20.  There are benefits to putting Christmas off until the last minute!  I put 5 strands of lights on the tree and, truth be told, loved it with just lights the best.  Ornaments are nice, but I like simplicity.

20091223_0027 We had Ryan’s family over for dinner and presents on Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd).  It was nice to have Ryan’s sister Kristin and her family in town from Iowa so the whole family was together!


On Christmas Evening we acted out the Nativity.  Emma was a shepherd.







Hannah was the angel.







Ryan was Joseph and the Narrator.  I was Mary and the photographer.  Miriam was a wise man. 





Emma, the shepherd, “sore afraid” at the angel’s appearance. 





The wise man giving her gift to the baby Jesus.






And then opening the gift …






… to see what she’d given.  Hannah laughing and Emma wondering what Dad would have to say about this irreverent behavior.  Ah, well.  We try. 


Goofiness aside, every year I am amazed at how the girls treat the “baby Jesus” and seem to feel the importance of what we’re talking about.  On some level they do get it.


While Kristin was still in town, we visited the Holiday Carousel in downtown Seattle.  Though this picture doesn’t include the carousel, it was the best of the bunch (and my husband is super cute in it!). 




So, maybe next December, we’ll have planned a little better so we will be able to visit the carousel before Christmas.  And maybe we’ll be able to decorate the gingerbread house that I bought but we never had time to decorate.  And we’ll get some Christmas lights up on the outside of the house if only to prevent our children from reminding us twice each day that “we STILL haven’t put the Christmas lights up!”  Yes, next year will be better. 

But this year wasn’t bad.